Les Rushnyki - Рушничок - Rushnychok

I put in link a site of Ukrainian embroidery that I discovered some years ago. This site offers a great collection of Rushniki which decorate clothes: blouses, wedding shawls. Rushniki are motives for Ukrainian traditional embroidery, which vary in shape and in color according to the regions of this country. More informations on this site: let's go to read the explanations of "Rushnyk de Dniepropetrovsk" "Rushnyk d' Hutsul" "Rushnyk Ivano-Frankivsk" "Rushnyky de Kersonska" Rushnyk de Kyiv" "Rushnyky de Lvivska" "Rushnyk de Podil" "Rushnyk de Poltava"...
These last years, I thus realized some models, with a great pleasure.

Here are some photos :

Magnificent visual effect, a ribbon unwinds.

Detail :

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