Embroideries of autumn

It is the scholastic comeback, the fresh forenoons remember us that the autumn is not far ... Outside the school, the wind is waiting for his small sparrows, they take off together towards new sensations.

These pictures inspired me these two last embroideries. Halina and Podoli are these small Ukranian personages whom we meet now, in their adventures of autumn. Their kite and their balls wear their country 's colors.

Games of autumn

Delights of autumn

Heart of autumn

See there the true one

To Jacques Brel "being an adult, it is nothing, it is an attitude : we never stop running towards the dreams we had when we were young"...

I am adult ... I always run: Towards the future ... without forgetting the joys of the childhood which "made" myself.

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winnie said...

dear Waleria: thank you for the informations about "Halina's day".
I like the 4 patterns:1.Games of autumn 2.Delights of autumn 3.Halina's day 4.Russian ABC . can you tell me who is the designer of patterns1-3? and where can I buy those patterns? or if the designer has published books, where can I get the information about their boks? thenk you so much and wish you a nice day.