Me, my GrandMother...

" Me, my Grandmother... " It is the title of a book of Pef. A quite small book of my sons... I always had the impression that on the final page beat


These little things of the life, so insignificant of the childhood, become one day an emotional overflowing : it is


Me, my Grandmother, she was Polish, she has avoids misery, she arrived in France with only her 20 years and her courage.

She had an ENORMOUS HEART!!!

It is her who passed the colors of the life on to us, the appreciation of the simplicity.
This last design is a childhood memory :

Grandma had a friend, living on the other side of the hill, to go there, we had to jump the wire fence by climbing on 2 chairs ahhh!!! Grandma stepping over the wire netting !!!

Then we crossed a graaaaand field... first, we heard the "Léon Léon" of the peacock, then "gurgling" of turkeys cocks, finally the " pouôôôôt pouôôôôt " hens announced our arrival... Grandma too, had hens, turkeys, rabbits, cats, dogs but if I liked going to her friend it was to see (and heard) "Léon" !

Sometimes, much to my delight, Grandma asked me to go alone, to her friend's, to bring her a basket containing treasures of the garden.
- " Go "Rousse" (means red-haired person) over there ... " - Grandma did not speak French very well.
- " But???... Grandma she is not red the lady ?! " - I retorted from my 7 years.
- " But yes, she is !! you do not know You! " The tone of her affirmation enclosed the conversation.

Along the way, trotted this interrogation: " but, she is not "rousse"(red) ?!?!?!? "
The old lady remarkable black hairs for her age !!!

The time passed...

When I was 20 years, I took lessons to learn Polish language.
I learn that the sound " U " does not exist in polish, they say "OU"

so when grandma said "Rousse" (red),... in fact it was "Russe" (russian).

And there, it was the Revelation :

The friend of Grandma... she was RUSSIAN !!!

It is true ... " I did not know, ... me! "...

I shared with you this story and now that design in the "Rousse" traditional colors...

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