A summer of labour

In summer, work is hard, it is necessary to cultivate the garden and harvest to assure the winter meals.

A summer in the garden

In the garden in front of their small Slavic house: Podoli draw the water from the well which he carries to Halina ; it is necessary to manage affectedly this water, to spray carefully every small vegetable... Cucumbers will be kept in the brine, the cabbages in a barrel of salt...

Do you love the cucumbers in the brine (Ogórki kiszone in Polish)?? It is a very common food custom in all the Eastern European countries (remember : a very juicy episode in this film " Goodbye Lenin ").

Little harvesters

And then the time of the harvests comes, it is necessary to harvest the barley, the oat, the wheat, to sort out, to store the straw in the barn in border of forest. The family needs this gold for the bread, to assure the hens of good seeds and the horse its favorite oat.

To the pond

Between nostalgia and emotions from Giverny...

A well deserved pause, relaxation, dawdling... A small branch, a little string, a cork, we've all believed in!... A childhood opened out in the middle of willow trees, in rushes, in water-lilies...
Mum will have a nice bunch of flowers if the fish is less guaranteed.

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