Russian ABC

With this interest which I have in the Ukrainian embroidery for several years, when I read that was proposed Russian lessons in town, I started to... just for fun... I just wanted to understand all these new letters... and more if I've enough courage.
Surprise !!! my teacher is Ukrainian !!
When i enough mastered the alphabet, I wanted to embroider a Russian Cyrillic Alphabet.
I made many researches, but nothing pleased me... and also I found wrong version of Russian ABC !!
So I decided to design my own creation. I first formed letters and then, decored this ABC with russian traditional motives.
I made 4 different presentations of "my" cross stitch Russian ABC.

1st Russian ABC

2nd Russian ABC

3rd Russian ABC
4th Russian ABC

and some details

I sometimes sell on E-Bay some of my own creations.

иногда я продает на E-Bay эти азбукиили контактируйте я по электронной почте (mail)

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