Prestigious Exhibition of Ukrainian Embroideries

in the Castel of Peralta of Angleur, near Liege in Belgium is actually

a exhibition of Ukrainian Embroideries

This exhibition represents one year of mobilization.
Yesterday, it was the big EVENING!!!

Congratulations to the organizers of this exhibition, the hours spent to look after the presentation of all these fine-works are the reflection of their will to value the culture and the Ukrainian tradition. The warmth of the reception was also exceptional;

Honor was returned to them by the presence of great personalities.

Private collections of old embroideries, suits, and more recent works, each of us appreciated with emotion all these realizations, colourful and in regional styles.

A very alive exhibition : the meanings of these styles and colors are explained to us (those of the life, those of the mourning)...

I deliver you a small outline, waiting to participate in embroidery groups (explanations, theoretical meanings and application practises) ... and to be more able to develop you explanations on the Ukrainian traditions...

To have a better one knowledge, to understand and appreciate an education which come moreover.

More photographs can be seen on my french blog

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